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Andy Walls <awa...@radix.net> writes:

Yes, I agree.  I do not know what percentage of current Linux users are
technical vs non-technical, so I cannot gauge the current improtance.

I can see the trend line though: as time goes by, the percentage of all
linux users that have a technical bent will only get smaller.

This IMHO shouldn't matter. If users can configure their keymaps for
e.g. games with a graphical utility (and  they easily can), they can do
the same with their remotes, at least with these using common sane
protocols. The only thing needed is a good GUI utility. Ergo - it's not
a kernel issue.

The "default bundled", or PnP, won't work well in comparison to a GUI
utility, I wouldn't worry about it too much (though adding it to udev
and co is trivial and we should do it - even if not PnP but asking first
about the actual remote used).

how is this problem any different from figuring out the keymap of a keyboard?

there are many defined keymaps (including cases where keys are labled different things on the keyboard but send identical codes)

currently in linux distros the user can either select the keymap, or the installer will ask the user to press specific keys (or indicate that they don't exist) until the installer can guess the keymap to use.

why would this not work for IR remotes as well?

and just like linux has some default keymaps that it uses that mostly work for the common case, there could be default IR keymaps that map the common keys for all remotes to the appropriate keycodes. it will mean that by default you won't see a difference between a DVD, VCR, DVR, etc play button, but it will mean that someone picking up a random remote and pointing it at the linux box will probably get minimal functionality.

then with a utility to tweak the keymap (or load a more specific one) the user can do better.

this would also integrate very nicely with they 'multimedia keyboards' that have lots of buttons on them as well, unless you tell it otherwise, play is play is play no matter which play button is pressed.

David Lang
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