Am 06.12.2009 13:52, schrieb Matthias Wächter:
> • Sometimes very slow lock at transponder change, slow enough to trace
> it in femon. femon first shows high BER rates and the picture is blocky,
> reducing within 3 or 4 Seconds to BER=0 and perfect picture. I should be
> able to repeat that and give you some logs if you need it.
> • Sometimes lock to a transponder only in certain order of previous
> transponder. Hard to formalize, though. Verbose module output shows 1 to
> 2 unsuccessful locking attempts per second by the driver.

> • Currently no lock on 19.2/12693h either, but this may be a signal
> quality issue on my side.

After playing some more, I think those are all related: Lock to a
transponder takes from <1 second to minutes, and sometimes I was not
patient enough to wait for the lock to finally happen.

The no-lock on 19.2°/11303h does not seem to be related to that.

– Matthias
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