Hi Mauro,

Please pull from http://www.linuxtv.org/hg/~hverkuil/v4l-dvb-davinci for the 

- v4l: vpfe_capture: remove clock and ccdc resource handling
- v4l: vpfe capture: convert dm355 ccdc driver to a platform driver
- v4l: vpfe capture: convert dm644x ccdc module to a platform driver
- V4L: vpfe capture: header files for ISIF driver
- V4L: vpfe capture: source for ISIF driver on DM365
- V4L: vpfe capture: vpss driver enhancements for DM365
- V4L: vpfe_capture: bug fixes and enhancements
- V4L: vpfe capture: build environment for isif driver

And after the first three patches are pulled in, then this arch patch should 
also be
merged for git:


And after the other four patches are pulled in, then this arch patch should be 
for git:


I gather that Murali and you have figured out the right order to merge this, so
I leave the details to the both of you.

Note that I agree with Mauro's suggestion that the v4l parts of the platform
code are split off into a separate platform source. That would make it much
easier to make changes in the platform code for v4l devices without running
into conflicts with non-v4l platform code changes. We could even make that 
v4l platform source part of the hg tree.

I also think it is a good idea if you ask for an account on linuxtv.org so
that you can set up your own hg trees and you don't have to wait for me.



 b/linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/isif.c       | 1512 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 b/linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/isif_regs.h  |  269 ++++
 b/linux/include/media/davinci/isif.h             |  531 ++++++++
 linux/drivers/media/video/Kconfig                |   14
 linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/Makefile       |    1
 linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/dm355_ccdc.c   |  413 +++---
 linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/dm644x_ccdc.c  |  362 +++--
 linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/vpfe_capture.c |  254 +--
 linux/drivers/media/video/davinci/vpss.c         |  289 +++-
 linux/include/media/davinci/vpfe_capture.h       |   12
 linux/include/media/davinci/vpss.h               |   41
 11 files changed, 3180 insertions(+), 518 deletions(-)

Hans Verkuil - video4linux developer - sponsored by TANDBERG
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