Devin Heitmueller wrote:

> Rather than making any "announcement", I would strongly encourage you
> to consider actually soliciting the feedback on your proposed approach
> from all of the developers who are actually contributing the code to
> the project.

The point here is as simple as I don't have enough time to keep maintaining
both -hg and -git trees anymore. So, I'll focus on handling patches at
-git, passing the task to maintain the -hg building system to someone else.

I don't mind if some or all developers keep using the -hg building system
to develop their patches. For patches that come to me via -hg, I'll simply
run my scripts that convert an -hg patch into a -git patch, so the patches
that will be developed with the build system can be sent to me directly 
(even pull requests).

The only difference is that I won't apply them anymore at -hg, nor I'll apply
backport there. So, your demand to not touch on what you call trunk will be
satisfied: a separate process will backport the patches from -git and apply them
at the master ("trunk") -hg tree. In order to avoid troubles, the only rule here
is that a patch should be added first on -git, before going to the master -hg.

A bonus for the new process is that the several developers that already 
asked to use git trees can send -git pull requests also.

Of course, suggestions to improve the process are always welcome.

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