> Hi Thomas, 
> have you played with the alsamixer settings? you may have to do some 
> unmuting https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/linux-sunxi/rJDiF8qSnLc 

Hi CodeKipper,
thanks for your answer!

I'm afraid playing with alsa(mixer) settings is no help for me, since alsa 
does not even recognize the card, so there's nothing I can unmute.
I *did* try to play with the settings (like the suggestion from 
https://linux-sunxi.org/Audio_Codec) but, no surprise here, this did not 
work, it only lead to I/O error message from alsamixer.
The hardware is not even showing up in /sys/class/sound so I think the 
error is "below" alsa, i.e. something wrong with my kernel config / modules 
loaded or missing 

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