--- Michael Hipp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I apologize for  being dense, truly. But how does a person ever figure
> this 
> stuff out ...

Time/experience/experimentation/the wise sages on this list.

> Ok, I'm doing that (skipping around actually). I eventually stumble on
> this 
> one:
>     ibstdc++-2.95.2-12mdk.i586.html
>     GNU C++ library
>     Mandrake Cooker
>     libstdc++-2.95.2-12mdk.i586.rpm
> That says it will provide above. All the funny (meaningless, to me)
> numbers 
> match. Is a "Mandrake Cooker" compatible with my Caldera system. May

Mandrake Cooker stuff is basically Mandrake's dev box.  Its about as
compatible as is Redhat.  THe only 100% compatible RPMs are the ones
that Caldera builds.  Everything else is a crap shoot, but much less so
if you rebuild an SRPM, rather than installing the RPM that
company/person X built.

> And how exactly would I "rebuild the gcc SRPM"?. I've installed

rpm --rebuild <whatever-foo.src.rpm>

If all goes well, you end up with a binary RPM in

> everything 
> that came with COLW 3.1.1 (I think) do I have what is needed for that?
> After I did that would I have libstdc++-libc6.1-2.so.3?

You'll have an RPM named libstdc++-libc-foo-whatever-i386.rpm

> Undoubtely this stuff is really, really easy once you know it. And
> there 
> are now 5.2 quintillion people on this list who now realize I'm
> utterly 
> stoopid.

You're not stupid.  You're asking questions about stuff that you don't
understand.  Get in line, everyone does it (hell, i did it about 10
times in the past 24 hours).

> All I really wanted was to install KHealthCare so I could monitor my
> CPU 
> temp. (sigh) I probably have 6-8 hours into it by now. And I'm on the
> 4th 
> package involved (none of which have installed according to the 
> instructions).

Well, if that's what you're trying to do, you're making it infinitely
harder than is neccesary.  Install lm-sensors instead.  Its what the
pros use to monitor temperature/fan speed/ etc in Linux.

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