We also want this bit.  You can copy it from ptp4l.8:

       -f config
              Read configuration from the  specified  file.  No  configuration
              file is read by default.

> +There are more options, which SHOULD be working, but these are untested:

Please leave this out.  We'll test them before the next release!

> +
> +Be cautious when the same configuration file is used for both ptp4l and 
> phc2sys.
> +Keep in mind, that values specified in the configuration file take precedence
> +over their default values. If a certain option, which is common to ptp4l and
> +phc2sys, is specified to a non-default value in the configuration file
> +(p.e., for ptp4l), then this non-default value applies also for phc2sys. This
> +might be not what is expected.


> +To avoid securely these unexpected behaviour, different configuration files
> +for ptp4l and phc2sys are recommended.

   It is recommended to use seperate configuration files for ptp4l and
   phc2sys in order to avoid any unexpected behavior.


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