Hi there,

I'm running Sabayon 17.03 Mate edition on my desktop.  The hard drive I'm
putting it on had Mint previously.  I have kept the /home partition by not
formatting it during the install.  The hostname post-install is "mint".  I
want it to be "enigma"  I'm using this page from the Sabayon Wiki:


After changing all remnants of the mint hostname, the hostname is still
"mint".  When I go back through step one to make sure the changes were
made, all of them say "mint".  When I go back through the files that were
modded, they all say "enigma".  I'm at a total loss of why this is
happening.  It has to be something in the /home dir that's persistently
giving the processor the "mint" name.  My Linux-Fu is good, but I've never
encountered this before.  Help please!!!
<><  Scott Vargovich  <><
OpenPGP Key ID: 29C36884
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