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The IBM AT doesn't interest me a great deal because of its primitive OS and bland hardware. But, it is interesting from a historical perspective,
because it was so successful in the market.

The only interest of the IBM is that it his the grandaddy of your actual PCs. Nothing changed from this time for the PC technology.

Anyway, this afternoon, I put my AT face to face my Lisa.

On one side, Lisa 2 (upgraded Lisa 1) with 2 Mb of RAM, one parallel card, an 5 Mb Profile with MacOs 4 on it. On the other side, the AT: 3,5 Mb of RAM, an EGA card, a 32 Mb hard drive with MSDOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1

Power up the Lisa is a matter of expert: plug keyboard and mouse; plug the cable between Lisa and Profile, plug power cord, start the Profile -waiting 3 mn for 'ready' LED, then start the Lisa, hold on Apple key-3 key. Enjoy macOs 4. I found Excel 1 and Word 3 on the disk. Not too much noisy. Look great !

For the AT, plug the monitor, plug power cord, plug keyboard and mouse (Microsoft one). Start the engine (litterally: high noise, the 5,25 hard drive made an loud noise, fan, etc... Even the keyboard 'click' awfully ;) ). Wait 3 minute for the AT to test memory... Enjoy Windows 3, with Excel 2 and Word 3 for windows.

Nothing to do, I still prefer Apple stuff!

This was also time to try to repair the disk drive of my Lisa: see separate post.


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