Si, I come back for my disk drive: it's not working.

I've dismantled it completly, greased everywhere, cleaned the head with special alcohol, then mounted it back and look how does it go when power up the Lisa, disk inserted:

-head move to the outside of the disk
-drive spin

Waiting 3 minutes without anything, I don't know if the disk -Lisa 7/7- is good, then I have an IO Error 39 (Timeout).

Starting the Lisa on the profile under MacOs, I 've inserted a disk. I got a message 'this disk is not a macintosh disk' immediatly (the head move a little, disk still spinning). Try to initialise: the Lisa eject (the head move very little) the disk immediatly with 'Initialization failed'.

Any idea, advice ?

The disk drive seems to be dead, anybody have a replacement disk drive for me, as I want to test Lisa OS instead MacOs...

Thanks in advance.


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