Guido Deiana a écrit :
On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 10:06:00 +0100, Jerome Vernet wrote

Hi Jerome,
just work on the other side of the circuit board. Use a solder and take the pin 9 and 20 out of the board. It's immediate and this way you can restore the connections anytime.
It look hard to remove the board to access the other side. I though about it, but removing the pin by desoldering it look hard.

If macmomi confirm that I just have to cut the track from PIN 9 to RJ4 and PIN 20 to RJ5, i will do that, much more easy. The macplus from wich I take it is dead, so I can kill the drive too...

What happen if I plug the drive without that ? Kill the Lisa ? Doesn't work at all ?

If it's working (I hope !!!!), the next problem is to fine a way to mount it in the Lisa drive bay, facing the eject mechanics of the drive to the Lisa disk hole. I have the MacPlus drive bay, look like it can fit (some holes to do, perhaps).



Guido Deiana
Padova, Italy

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