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Hi Jerome,

you can use every MacIntosh Disk-Drive, e.g. the Sony F51W or F75W to replace the original OA D34V 3,5" Floppy Drive from Sony.
Perhaps you have to add the Lisa Lite Card (depends on your Lisa).
The Lisa Lite Card is the little card in the disk cage ? The drive is connected to a little card, wich is itself connected to the mainboard.
The only modifications are: Just pull PIN 9 and PIN 20 of the ribbon cable, when you use a 800k Mac Drive or the 1,44MB Mac Super Drive.
You say I really can use any 1.44 drive ? To 'pull PIN 9 and PIN 20' do I need to cut the ribon ? Remove the PIN from the disk ? Assuming that the red wire is '0', on the drive, where are PIN 9 and 20 ?

So you can easily reduce your time of searching the cause for the Timeout-Error, by switching the complete Floppy-Drive.

I have plenty of 800k drive, but no 400k drive...


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