It doesn’t make sense. As far as I can tell, RIG went through the same subittal 
and review process. I certainly believe it was a product of the working group.

Can you tell me why it didn’t go through IETF last call?


> On Feb 23, 2018, at 10:28 AM, Joel Halpern Direct 
> <> wrote:
> No, I do not think it is appropriate to put it in the list (not sure if I 
> can).
> LIG was produced as an Informational RFC by the LISP working group.  it is a 
> WG product.
> RFC 8112 was NOT produced by the LISP working group.  It had been on our 
> plate, and then was taken for publication to the Independent Stream. Which is 
> fine.  (Luigi and I were asked if this was a problem.)  But that means it was 
> not a working group product, did not go through IETF last call, and was not 
> approved by the IESG.  Formally, it is a product of the listed authors.
> Yours,
> Joel
> On 2/23/18 1:11 PM, Dino Farinacci wrote:
>> I don’t understand why its different than lig. Can you put it in the list?
>> Dino
>>> On Feb 23, 2018, at 9:55 AM, Joel M. Halpern <> wrote:
>>> It is not listed because it is not a working group product.  It is an 
>>> Independent Stream document from the authors.  (I agree it is a useful 
>>> document, but that is not whta that list is about.)
>>> Yours,
>>> Joel
>>> On 2/23/18 12:34 PM, Dino Farinacci wrote:
>>>> Chairs, can you check why RFC 8112 is not listed in the RFC list in 
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Dino
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