>Jason M. wrote:
>I'm using the PFW201 hardware from Tranquilnet

According to Tranquilnet:

" *Note: These units may run hot to the touch and we recommend eith a wall
mount or to place them on a cool, dry and hard surface with proper air flow"

I can build systems that are much faster and more powerful for less than
half the price so I've never used a PFW201, but I have seen it mentioned
that units like them often have a cpu heat sink that makes contact with the
case. Or, that they have a metal shim that connects the heat sink to the

Heat transfer for these systems is often critical. Is yours overheating? Are
you testing with one of the Tranquilnet units, or one of the units you got
direct from the supplier?

> Now my question is, what is going wrong? I've tried the same 
>config on multiple devices, so I don't think it's hardware. Could 
>my config have become corrupted?

I don't follow your logic about it not being the hardware, but yes, your
config could have become corrupted. Try another CF card? Try installing from
scratch and restoring a backup xml file?

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