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> One, the problem first appeared with the Tranquilnet unit. Two, I
> forgot
> to mention that I noticed that the heat problem (it's hard to miss if
> you
> don't read the directions -- the units are almost hot enough to burn
> skin
> :) and am using a laptop cooler for now. I'm trying out USB powered
> fans
> as a better long term solution, but the units are very cool with the
> laptop cooler.
> >
> Do have any other ideas?


So, you're installing multiple units across 15 sites for a hotel chain... a 
rather important installation I would expect given the potential ramifications 
to operations as well as guest access... and your long term solution is to use 
USB powered fans?

As noted by others, given you can build/buy less expensive equipment, not 
wrought with heat/cooling problems, it might be a good idea to properly spec 
out and procure new hardware. In your shoes, I would not be moving forward with 
the current equipment.

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