pf tables can be populated from FQDNs through pfsense aliases. However
the FQDNs are not re-evaluated and pf tables are not updated after
applying changes to the aliases or filter rules, creating confusion when
setting up rules. The update only happens eventually when the filterdns
background process gets around to it.

Is there a way to run a command that does an update immediately, while
the problem is being fixed?

filterdns is run as

/usr/local/sbin/filterdns -p /var/run/ -i 300 -c 
/var/etc/filterdns.conf -d 1

and expects a config file as minimum argument.

However it always starts up a new instance that keeps running. Is it
possible to tell it to terminate after one update iteration, or do I
need to write a script that kills it after 10 seconds? Thanks.


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