> It is only pfSense 2.2, that has this not usuable speed from other VM's 
>in the Xenserver.

I installed xenserver with a pfSense guest on a machine, and had the same
problem. Traffic from hosts on the lan through the pfSense guest to the wan
is nice and fast, but traffic from other guests through pfSense drops to a

>From what I can gather, this is a problem with the freebsd 10 drivers, and
not really related to pfSense. 

And unfortunately, you can't change the NIC emulation in xenserver for
guests. I tried in several ways. Freebsd 10 senses the xen environment and
installs the xen NIC drivers and there seems no way to change this. 

There are enough people with freebsd having this problem that I'm sure this
will be fixed before long.

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