On 15-01-15 11:13 PM, Chris Buechler wrote:
On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 6:56 PM, Geoff Nordli <geo...@gnaa.net> wrote:

We have a Superserver 5015A-EHF-D525
running  pfsense 2.1.5-RELEASE (amd64) with 2GB of RAM.

Which has this board in it:

In this chassis we also have a 4 port Intel NIC which shows up as igb

We were experiencing substantial packet loss when using the em interfaces,
but since we switched over to the igb interfaces things have been good.

I have both Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading and Hardware Large Receive
Offloading disabled.

This is not a heavily used firewall.

Anyone else experiencing packet loss on the em interfaces.  Are there any
other settings I should look at?

My best guess with those symptoms, if it isn't a hardware problem, is
one or more of the affected NICs ending up on the same IRQ as a USB
controller or something else that's causing issues. Most of the time
that's no big deal, on occasion with certain systems with several NICs
it can cause packet loss or performance issues. If that's the case,
may find a BIOS update that fixes it, or may be able to muck with BIOS
settings to make it go away.

thanks Chris.

Anything visible I can see on the local machine -- without going to bios. Doing a vmstat -i shows the msi interrupts being used for those controllers.

interrupt                          total       rate
irq18: ehci0 uhci5                     2          0
irq19: uhci2 uhci4+              2649947          6
cpu0: timer                    761654301       1992
irq256: igb0:que 0               9765149         25
irq257: igb0:que 1               2747978          7
irq258: igb0:que 2               2562344          6
irq259: igb0:que 3               2387427          6
irq260: igb0:link                      2          0
irq261: igb1:que 0              13670253         35
irq262: igb1:que 1               7013567         18
irq263: igb1:que 2               7502120         19
irq264: igb1:que 3               4520889         11
irq265: igb1:link                      2          0
irq266: igb2:que 0              17501710         45
irq267: igb2:que 1               8228974         21
irq268: igb2:que 2               6685269         17
irq269: igb2:que 3               5603615         14
irq270: igb2:link                      2          0
irq279: em1:rx 0                  233940          0
irq280: em1:tx 0                  215119          0
irq281: em1:link                      15          0
cpu1: timer                    761634299       1991
cpu2: timer                    761634319       1991
cpu3: timer                    761634321       1991
Total                         3137845564       8206

I can definitely try a bios update next time I am close to the machine.


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