we use pfSense since quite a while with success and are very happy overall.

Recently we set up OpenVPN and are facing a DNS issue. Hosts in the LAN can be
addressed using the hostname (thanks to “Register DHCP leases in the DNS
Resolver”) which is working perfectly fine. Hosts on the OpenVPN network can
also resolve hosts in the LAN. However, from the LAN the OpenVPN-connected
hosts cannot be reached (only via IP address, not via hostname). Research
shows¹ that VPN-connected clients don't register their hostnames in the DNS
which is unfortunate and would probably solve the issue we face. The answer
seems to be¹:

> Would have to statically assign them via client overrides and manually add
> to DNS forwarder for them to resolve.

This would work for static hosts that are always on the VPN, but this wouldn't
work for mobile hosts (e.g. employee's laptops) which have a different IP
address, depending on whether they are connected to the LAN or connected via

How to access the mobile hosts via the same hostname regardless if
they are connected to the LAN or VPN?


¹ http://serverfault.com/a/361103/102215
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