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Geoff Nordli <geo...@gnaa.net> wrote:

> Not sure how many clients you are going to have,

About half a dozen. Growing. But still, overall a very small
deployment here. RADIUS seems to be designed for larger enterprises
with hundreds or thousands of clients and might not justify the
administrative overhead and cost for us.

> but Openvpn allows you to assign an IP address to a specific
> client.  Look at the ipp.txt file.

This is supported through the pfSense GUI as well¹. But that doesn't
solve the fundamental problem we face. Which is that we cannot
reliably access the clients. Via IP address doesn't work (even if
it's fixed on the VPN) because the hosts (laptops) connect do
different parts of the network and get assigned different addresses.
So we have to address them via hostname. This works like a charm
thanks to the “Register host names in DNS” feature, except when they
connect via VPN. Hence this post.


¹ http://serverfault.com/a/361103/102215
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