Are your rules disappearing on the slave, the master, or both?

Brainstorming, do both have the same name for the pfsync interface?  Meaning 
the slave isn't named PFSYNC-SLAVE or something like that?


Steve Yates
ITS, Inc.

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Subject: [pfSense] pfsense in ha - sync interface rule disapear

Hi Everyone,
I am new to pfsense and I have to say to that I am very impressed to see all 
the feature available out of box.

I am currently testing it to see how well it work and perform for our 
environement. We would like to replace our HA linux firewall running 
IPTable/fwbuiler scripts.  Currently trying to setup the HA but having hard 
time to make it work properly. I am following the wiki guide (

The issue that I have is that the rule I added on both firewall to allow SYNC 
interface to communicate keep disapear on the slave firewall once the 
connection got established.  So XMLRPC did copy rules from master to slave, but 
the PFSYNC interface rules disapear, therefore this cause communication issue 
after  (/rc.filter_synchronize: New alert found: A communications error 
occurred while attempting XMLRPC sync with username admin

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