Rule is disapearing on the slave only ...
Yes both firewall's interface's description are the same and assign to the
same interface...


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2016-10-13 11:00 GMT-04:00 Steve Yates <>:

> Are your rules disappearing on the slave, the master, or both?
> Brainstorming, do both have the same name for the pfsync interface?
> Meaning the slave isn't named PFSYNC-SLAVE or something like that?
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> Subject: [pfSense] pfsense in ha - sync interface rule disapear
> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to pfsense and I have to say to that I am very impressed to see
> all the feature available out of box.
> I am currently testing it to see how well it work and perform for our
> environement. We would like to replace our HA linux firewall running
> IPTable/fwbuiler scripts.  Currently trying to setup the HA but having hard
> time to make it work properly. I am following the wiki guide (
> Hardware_Redundancy_(CARP)
> ).
> The issue that I have is that the rule I added on both firewall to allow
> SYNC interface to communicate keep disapear on the slave firewall once the
> connection got established.  So XMLRPC did copy rules from master to slave,
> but the PFSYNC interface rules disapear, therefore this cause communication
> issue after  (/rc.filter_synchronize: New alert found: A communications
> error occurred while attempting XMLRPC sync with username admin
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