On Fri 14 Oct 2016 11:25:12 NZDT +1300, Walter Parker wrote:

> Problem is that all of the current OS do this sort of renumbering (I'd have
> to check, but I think it could be a hardware/driver issue). IIRC Linux
> systems have had this sort of problem in even greater measure than the
> BSDs. The plug and play nature of USB has caused issues for most systems
> (drive letter changes on Windows, device name changes on Linux, even BSD
> has started doing this). The brain dead here is problem that extends to the
> PC industry as a whole.

Totally with you there on PC industry intelligence!

> PFSense is subject bad decisions that were made
> decades ago by other companies without enough vision. The automapping ideas
> in hardware were not properly thought out and software didn't think it
> though either.

Sure, pfsense can do little about dumb OS things, and swapping
interfaces randomly is a major security problem. But pfsense could still
do much better. Does a disappearing USB interface renumber Ethernet
interfaces? Does a disappearing reX driver interface renumber the ueX
interfaces? I didn't think so, so it should be possible to remove those
that will/could be renumbered and run with the rest, without getting
surprises other than missing interfaces or failing to boot.


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