Well goal for sure is not a forensical aware deletion which needs DBAN etc

Main point is that config backups are NOT deleted with a reset to defaults
and on a hdd install it keeps 30 versions

So effectively works:
Reducing backups to 1
Overwrite all credentials in config
Uninstall packages

This also will remove binaries of packages what a reset to default config
wont do

Then reset to default config.
Goal is to put devices on stock for replacements in a nearly clean state
for internal usage and shipping to other sites

So I change question:
Any chance to do this via a small shell script ?

Any help and hint is welcome


Am 05.08.2017 03:08 schrieb "Jim Pingle" <li...@pingle.org>:

> On 7/27/2017 4:46 AM, WolfSec-Support wrote:
> > Is there a way / document / script to cleanup a pfSense WITHOUT
> > reinstallation ?
> If you need to clean it up in a way where anything other than resetting
> the configuration matters, you will want to wipe/reload. The feature is
> intended to put a system back into a default state from which it can be
> reconfigured, it is not intended to be a secure reset that removes all
> changes to the entire OS.
> If you are preparing the system to hand off to someone else and want to
> be sure your content is erased, there is no substitute for a full disk
> erase with a secure wipe/erase utility such as DBAN.
> Jim P.
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