On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 20:45:55 +0000
Steve Yates <st...@teamits.com> wrote:

> Just to double check the config, so the pfSense router is set as the
> DMZ of the ISP router?

No clue if the ISP device has a concept of DMZ. I configure it as
“Exposed Host”, so all communication is actually forwarded to the
pfSense box. I've set up numerous of those devices in different
locations and that was always sufficient.

> Have you tried deleting the rule and re-adding?

On the ISP device? No, not yet. I guess tomorrow I'll clear the ISP
devices' config and also start off with a vanilla pfSense config.

I'm not really used to debugging with pfSense, especially the
logging features. What's the best way to check if that packet is
blocked by pfSense somehow? I tried

Status → System Logs → Firewall → Normal View → Advanced Log Filter

I checked “Block”, then entered Port: 8000 and “Apply Filter” and it
shows “No logs to disply”. That means that the packet is not blocked
by an implicit or explicit firewall rule, right?

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