I've found myself wondering just what semantic meaning the <hr> tag adds to a document. The typical usage is when you want to separate sections of a page. The thing is that a <hN> tag indicates a new section too. Another issue is that we generally seem to put them in our markup then hide them using display: none which makes them invisible to screen readers anyway. Is anyone actually gaining any benefit from the <hr> tag other than people who browse with styles disabled?

I always tend to structure my documents using clear headings and have no obvious (to me) need for use of horizontal rules. When I write a document in a word processor I never use horizontal lines to indicate a new section, I use a new heading.

I guess what i'm asking is, if you structure a document correctly should you ever need to use the <hr> tag?

One of these days i'm going to have to start a thread about something other than simple curiosities :)

- Andrew Ingram

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