Hello ,

I am using Live555 to get the stream from IP camera in native C/C++ code.
Using that stream to show in android application.

Till now we are using android-ndk-r10e to build the native and Live555 code.
Recently I have decided to use the android-ndk-r15c to keep up to date to
support latest devices.

But I am getting following error while getting the stream.

*This computer has an invalid IP address:*

To debug the issue I have added the logs in "ourIPAddress()" function (in

"groupsock/GroupsockHelper.cpp") .

So my observation is that setupDatagramSocket returning -1 means
socket creation is failing.

Also Please note that If I use *android-ndk-r14b* then it is working
but not with  *android-ndk-r15c.*

Could you please provide some input on this ?

Thanks and Regards,

Kuldeep More
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