> On Feb 23, 2018, at 10:36 PM, Kuldeep More <kuldeep.m...@intelli-vision.com> 
> wrote:
> Hello Ross,
> Why is your call to “setupDatagramSocket()” failing?
> Now I have added some extra logs in “setupDatagramSocket()”.
> From the logs socket error number I am getting is 92 and error string is 
> Protocol not available.

No, what I meant was:
        Which specific piece of the code that implements the 
“setupDatagramSocket()” function (lines 96 to 175 of 
“groupsock/GroupsockHelper.cpp” is failing, and why.  Remember, You Have 
Complete Source Code.

> Also found that on some devices it is working fine. But on some devices it is 
> not working. 

By default, the server uses the network interface that’s used for IP multicast 
routing - i.e., the one that has a route for  (The reason for this 
is that it uses IP multicast to detect its own IP address.)

So, the easiest way to choose a particular network interface is to reconfigure 
your host so that it uses that network interface for IP multicast routing.  You 
should be able to do this by running (as root):
        route add ip-address-for-that-nic

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