> I'm building as a hobby custom DVR -software for my personal (hobbies doesn't 
> need to make sense right?) use and I've been trying to figure for months why 
> I have TS Continuity Counter errors with live555MediaServer and my Set-top 
> boxes player (same happens with VLC as a client so it's easier for me to get 
> log from it if needed)
> So far, I've concluded that this has probably something to do with 
> live555MediaServer because same TS CC errors happens also with when watching 
> via VLC player. Playing same .ts recording directly from server's filesystem 
> doesn't have any errors at playback.

Perhaps what you’re seeing is just packet loss?  Remember that you’re doing 
real-time streaming (over RTP/UDP), not on-demand downloading (e.g., as you’d 
do from a web server).  Also, when streaming a Transport Stream file, our 
server simply packs the file contents - as is - into outgoing RTP packets.  It 
doesn’t modify the Transport Stream data at all.

You can test this by using “openRTSP” <http://www.live555.com/openRTSP/> rather 
than VLC as your client.  This will download a file (because you’re streaming 
Transport Stream data, this will be a Transport Stream file), which you can 
compare to the original.  You can also use the “-Q” command-line option to 
“openRTSP” to get network ‘quality of service’ statistics - including packet 

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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