I'm building as a hobby custom DVR -software for my personal (hobbies doesn't need to make sense right?) use and I've been trying to figure for months why I have TS Continuity Counter errors with live555MediaServer and my Set-top boxes player (same happens with VLC as a client so it's easier for me to get log from it if needed)

So far, I've concluded that this has probably something to do with live555MediaServer because same TS CC errors happens also with when watching via VLC player. Playing same .ts recording directly from server's filesystem doesn't have any errors at playback.

Perhaps what you’re seeing is just packet loss?  Remember that you’re doing real-time streaming (over RTP/UDP), not on-demand downloading (e.g., as you’d do from a web server).  Also, when streaming a Transport Stream file, our server simply packs the file contents - as is - into outgoing RTP packets.  It doesn’t modify the Transport Stream data at all.

You can test this by using “openRTSP” <http://www.live555.com/openRTSP/> rather than VLC as your client.  This will download a file (because you’re streaming Transport Stream data, this will be a Transport Stream file), which you can compare to the original.  You can also use the “-Q” command-line option to “openRTSP” to get network ‘quality of service’ statistics - including packet loss.

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