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Thanks for your review! Please find my answers inline.

Comment at: 
@@ -827,2 +806,3 @@
+  if (m_xstate_type == XStateType::Invalid) {
     if (const_cast<NativeRegisterContextLinux_x86_64 
       return false;
labath wrote:
> I don't think the `const_cast` here is a good idea. How about we just make 
> this functions non-const ?
IsCPUFeatureAvailable must also be called by IsRegisterSetAvailable, which is 
also const...

Comment at: 
@@ +817,3 @@
+      return true;
+  case RegSet::mpx: // Check if CPU has MPX and if there is kernel support, by
+                    // reading in the XCR0 area of XSAVE.
zturner wrote:
> Is the AVX case supposed to fall-through to the mpx case?
good catch, it's not supposed to fall-through

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