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There are several components in the "command line parsing"

1. argparse: parsing a single string into the individual words (processing 
quotes, backslashes, etc.)
2. resolving the "command" part of the command line (the "frame variable" part 
of "frame variable --raw-output FOO")
3. resolving the arguments of a command (the "--raw-output FOO" part)

These parts compose quite nicely, and can be individually replaced. I'll 
briefly speak about each one :

(1) is very specific to our interactive use case (for command line utilities, 
the shell/os does the parsing for us). There also isn't anything nearly similar 
in llvm (afaik).
(2) is also quite specific to how lldb commands are structured, and there also 
isn't a suitable llvm replacement. This is the level at which the "command 
aliases" are resolved.
(3) is a fairly generic piece of functionality -- we even implement it by 
delegating to getopt (in a scarily un-thread-safe way). For this there are 
*two* competing implementations in llvm: `llvm::cl` and `llvm::opt`. Of these 
the first one is not suitable for our use case right now as it relies on global 
variables. Making it work probably would be a bit or work. However, using the 
second one should be fairly easy, and it should be generic-enough (it's the 
thing that handles crazy gcc command lines).

The reason I'm spelling it out this way is because I think you were mostly 
talking about (3), but some of the difficulties Jim pointed out (command 
aliases) just aren't relevant there.  I don't think llvm::opt handles "shortest 
match" options yet, but that should be fairly easy to add.  On the flip side, 
the library has recently gained argument suggestion capabilities (`error: 
unknown argument '-gllbb', did you mean '-glldb'`), so we would get that for 
free. Making sure tab completion works there would require a bit of thought, 
but I think this should not interfere with this library too much (after all, we 
use getopt now, and it does not support tab completion either).


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