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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D43647#1016722, @jingham wrote:

> What would I have to figure out if I wanted to stop where one of these 
> properties was actually set or read?  That's something I've had to do many's 
> the time...  This task is straightforward in the original, and if it's not 
> too bad to cons up the name from this macro goo then I'm over all in favor.

You won't be able to set a breakpoint on a specific source line, but setting a 
breakpoint by name, such as "b TargetProperties::SetNonStopModeEnabled" has 
worked before and keeps working with this implementation. It will take you to 
Target.h:106 which is the shared source location for all boolean set functions.

> I'm not a big fan of macros, but what this is replacing wasn't all that 
> pretty either.

Yeah, this isn't great, but at least it's an established pattern that's used 
all over our code base.

> Also (though you probably knew this) there are Properties in a lot of 
> classes, so to do it properly you would have to have be able to move all the 
> goo but including the individual defs files to the Properties.h for this to 
> be viable.

Oh! I *didn't* know that. Is there a good reason to keep these properties there 
or would it make sense to just build a central place for all properties.



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