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The question I'm asking is if I didn't know the name of the function, but I had 
found the found the string name of the property in the defs file, how would I 
figure out the name of the setter and getter?  But I see that you use Get##ID 
so it's always going to be {Get,Set} of the first element in the 
HANDLE_PROPERTY.  If everybody uses the rule out of Properties.h, then that 
will always be the case, so if we document it somewhere so people don't have to 
read all this goo, then I'm fine with that.

Any class can provide properties, including plugins.  Since plugins may come 
and go (and in some future could be added dynamically) those properties don't 
really belong in some central repository.  You are always accessing them from 
the containing class as well, so it makes sense to keep the actual defs file 
close to the class that uses them.  All the properties end up being settings, 
and the "settings list" output reflects the containing class, so it's really 
easy to go from a property name in "settings" to the place where you can find 

The one thing I worry about is people coming new to the code will see the 
setting target.default-arch and want to figure out how to get or set it in 
code.  That's a bit daunting from the defs file.  But I think that's just a 
matter of some appropriate documentation, not a serious objection.



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