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> I like Pavel's template syntax. It's not clear to me how to best implement 
> the registering of the properties this way though. I think we want to avoid 
> static intializers. Given how TargetProperties::TargetProperties() is 
> implemented, I could imagine we could just make the properties members of the 
> class, we just need some way to generate a for-each-property loop to handle 
> the initialization. I'll think about this some more.

We do want to avoid static initializers that happen automatically via the C++ 
global constructor chain, but we have the class static 
lldb_pricvate::*::Initialize() and that would be a perfect place to place these 
property definitions. I like Pavel's templated approach as well. I do second 
that it would be nice to be able to debug. I really dislike the .def file stuff 
in LLVM code. Although it is easy to maintain, you can't look at the code and 
figure anything out, you must preprocess the file for many things just to see 
what it is. I wouldn't mind it if we generated the source file from a .def file 
and then checked that file in so we can actually read the code...


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