On Saturday, October 15, 2016 9:52:22 PM EDT Andrew Deryabin wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Recently lots of spammers began to attack our forum. 

Didn't notice any spam but an excess of... 'feature requests'.
Is it just over-enthusiasm for MusE, or something else?

So coincidentally, I contacted GitHub yesterday and requested that 
 users be allowed to add labels, at the very least 'Bug' and 'Nice to have',
 ideally we choose which labels. Issues can be sorted by labels, 
 if I understand correctly, and then actions performed on them.
Currently /we/ must add the labels - not ideal.

They got back to me soon and agreed it was a good idea
 and, no promises of course, would pass it on to the team.

> I've enabled administrator activation just now. 

What does that mean?

Working on New Drums here, if you're following. Stay tooned...

> Hope this will not be a problem - not
> so many real users were registered since start of this year...

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