On Sunday, October 16, 2016 2:47:45 AM EDT termtech wrote:
> On Saturday, October 15, 2016 9:52:22 PM EDT Andrew Deryabin wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> > 
> > Recently lots of spammers began to attack our forum.
> Didn't notice any spam but an excess of... 'feature requests'.
> Is it just over-enthusiasm for MusE, or something else?
> So coincidentally, I contacted GitHub yesterday and requested that
>  users be allowed to add labels, at the very least 'Bug' and 'Nice to have',
> ideally we choose which labels. Issues can be sorted by labels,
>  if I understand correctly, and then actions performed on them.
> Currently /we/ must add the labels - not ideal.
> They got back to me soon and agreed it was a good idea
>  and, no promises of course, would pass it on to the team.
> > I've enabled administrator activation just now.
> What does that mean?
> Working on New Drums here, if you're following. Stay tooned...
> Cheers.
> Tim.
> > Hope this will not be a problem - not
> > so many real users were registered since start of this year...

Holy crap. Silly me.
I didn't realize you were talking about the /website/ forum. 
Hell, I don't even recall seeing this forum, or maybe I did? 
I'm so out of touch ;-)
I guess this is the forum that used to be SF but then everything changed 
 when we moved to GitHub and then the site was moved to Andrew?

I thought you were talking about the GitHub /issues/ page !
I thought /that/ was the only forum we have.

Sorry about that. 
Man, I gotta figure out how to get emails from this forum.
I never get anything. I don't know what my password is, 
 but I think Robert gave it to me and I wrote it down so I'll look it up...


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