To come back to our questions, what version of Log4j are you using?
Are you seeing log entries that are out of order in the same thread? 

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> On Feb 21, 2018, at 7:15, Matt Sicker <> wrote:
> On 20 February 2018 at 11:32, Benjamin Jaton <>
> wrote:
>> In the case of a multi threaded application, not async, would it be
>> possible to have avoid the potential mis ordering by having a 500ms (for
>> example) window of collection for log events, and instead of logging the
>> next log event in the queue, the logic would be search for the oldest event
>> in the queue and log it.
> So like a priority queue/heap, where ordering is determined by log event
> timestamp? Sounds like that could make a neat appender meta plugin (meta
> like the routing appender, though perhaps it could be a plugin specific to
> async loggers like a policy/strategy type class), though it may be overkill
> for most scenarios unless log files must absolutely be done in exact
> timestamp order. Plus, if you're using async logging, this could
> potentially have a noticeable affect on performance (e.g., we could use
> BlockingPriorityQueue, though now we cancel out the performance gains of
> avoiding a blocking queue; or we could use a persistent data structure, but
> then we lose GC-free logging, though chances are that BPQ already causes
> garbage as it is).
> The tl;dr of this is that if you're logging synchronously and want events
> in order, fitting in a PriorityQueue or BlockingPriorityQueue (depending on
> single or multi producer scenarios respectively) would be the general way
> to go, though it's not ideal for performance probably.
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> Matt Sicker <>

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