* Dave Cross ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'd be interested in any opinions that people had about the venue as
> I'm still looking for a new home for our social meetings.

I think the venue needs to ....

        * be quiet (no music)
        * be a private room

        * be not to smokey

        * be near to central london and a tube station

        * have food available

if we get a private room we can get 1 and 3

so all we need is a private room in a pub in central london that does

if we say that the worst turn up recently has been around 15 people we
are probably going to easily cover any minimum spend or a 30 quid room

dave can mentioned somewhere and volunteered to be the next social
meeting organiser last night 

for the heretics meeting, it looks like the anchor and im going to see 
if can reserve a private nook in it


ps it was a great meeting!

Greg McCarroll                          http://www.mccarroll.uklinux.net

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