On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 12:25:09PM -0000, Jonathan Peterson wrote:
> No, I disagree. This is like a mechanic saying "You really oughtn't to
> change your own oil, oil is very important, if you get it wrong you could
> really damage your engine, that sort of thing should be left to a qualified
> mechanic". It's complete crap. Changing the oil in car is not that hard.
> Until recently, most car owners would expect to do it themselves, along with
> changing spark plugs and various other tasks.

My problem with some of the CGI stuff is that it sounds like the
equivalent of a mechanic saying "well, when changing oil, it's not
that important what you put in - any oily liquid will work"[1].

You might happen to end up with a car that runs, but it's still not the
advice people should be giving out...


[1] I Am Not A Mechanic. if this is not actually a silly idea, imagine
I suggested something else that is.

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