Michael Stevens [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>"Corn syrup" still sounds like something that would taste of wheat. I
*>was talking to someone on a talker about this today, but they said they hadn't
*>found anything in the UK yet that included it, so I have no reference
*>whatsoever for what it is, apart from the fact I'm told it's sugary.

Corn Syrup, used in place of oil, will suffice as an oil substitute
*once*...meaning that once the engine is all nice and hot, it's fine while
the sugar carmelises...once the engine cools however, you have a very nice
worthless chunk of metal. :) 

*>(pedantry: There *are* applications where bad programming could kill. I
*>don't think any of us work in them, but I'm pretty sure they exist.)

Sure, but they probably aren't in the market for 'Perl for Dummies'
either....or, if they are, Darwin is going to have a good day. :)


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