> Agreed.  However, if "Programming Perl for Dummies" tells you
> things that
> are Just Plain Wrong - like there's no need for strict, -w or
> -T - then
> the book does more harm than good.

Agreed. Bad teaching is inexcusable and leads only to harm.

> If they keep their bad programming to their own boxes, and their bad
> programming doesn't open their boxes up for script kiddies to
> mount DDoS
> attacks on me, then I don't have a problem with it.  Oh, and
> if they don't
> come whining and expecting me to fix their fuckups.

Yes and no. Personally, I get annoyed as the next person by having to fix
stupid mistakes. But, there is a general BOFH-like holier than thou attitude
that pervades the computer industry, which classifies lusers as dangerous
fools until they prove themselves worthy. This is a bad thing. Fools do not
need to be suffered gladly, but they need to be educated not beaten. See
also the mess that was (is?) p5p. Many people in our business justify
elitism by calling it meritocracy.

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