On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, David Cantrell wrote:

> rely on RPMs.  The real reason I haven't switched is because it's really
> *nasty* trying to switch from one distro to another without a) losing
> valuable config data and b) ending up with a ton of unused junk on the disk
> which is nigh-on impossible to tell apart from stuff that's in use.

I had always committed to the nature of Unix being that one does end up
with a pile of stuff on disk which one doesn't use. The point is that this
doesn't matter. Unless you're upgrading something every day or every week,
the junk pile-up on a production server won't do much more than double or
treble the hard disk usage of the OS, which will be small compared to the
user data, and is still in a small order of magnitude.

I bet you have libc5 and libc6 installed...

It's still smaller than win2k...


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