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> > Actually I was thinking more along the lines of me being too damned lazy
> > to whore myself around, to do the accounty boring stuff, and even to send
> > invoices out on time.  All that's fine when I'm just donig a bit of
> > consluting on the side, of course.
> >
> Yes, but that's where the economies of scale come in. Half a dozen
> consultants ought to be able to afford the services of an accounts clerk,
> and maybe their own business manager who can do the pimp^h^h^h^hsearching
> around for work for you.

Gunther had a lot of experience with this at extropia and I have some
mail somorewhere I'm sure he'd be happy to share (but obviously I'll
ask him). However, they were developing an application rather than
bodyshopping^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H consulting.

If you/we got the likes of Andy *hint* on board then I'd go in at the
high end with "getting it right" type of stuff. 

There are also enough products out there that have perl behind them
that there's plenty of scope for installation/customising.

>What sort of hourly/daily rate does an average PM perl programmer get
> anyway?

Anything from 30 upwards to the sky depending on the client. And the
programmer. And the task.

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