> > Agreed - why work in London - what about telecommuters ?

> I'm *really* unsure about telecommuting. 

For me, telecommunting is fine for maybe 50% of my week, but unless I'm 
working on a very singular project (i.e. running in deep hack mode), then
I need to have the human company gained from being in an office environment.

Having said that, I do very little "real" work at work, instead 
spending my time reading/writing email, chatting to people, playing 
table tennis, having meetings, and doing other brain dead tasks.

But I suppose that's the point.  Allowing myself to kick back a little at
work gives me the balance to work flat out at home.  The annoying thing,
is that there are some packer types at CRE who see it the other way.  When 
I am in the office, they think I am "working hard", but when they don't 
see me, they assume I'm doing nothing.  <sigh>

I am in the exceptionally fortunate position of working a 10 minute drive
away from home.  I typically work the morning at home doing "real work" 
then go into the office for human contact, email, chit-chat, brainstorming,
etc., in the afternoon.  Then back in time to pick up ickle Ben from nursery
at 6.00, bath him, put him to bed, etc., then relax in the evening reading, 
hacking, watching some TV, or having fantastic sex with my beautiful wife.

When you've been spoilt like that, it's very hard to consider giving that 
up to spend valuable hours of your day sitting or standing on a train.
And I'd rather have trees, fields, peace and quiet around me than be 
working in a big, dirty and crowded city.  There's more to life than work.

But I must admit that I have a peculiarly low tolerance for city life.
Must be my fragile consitution... :-)

> And I like central London because (whatever else is wrong with it)
> it's relatively easy for everyone to get to by train no matter where
> they live. Trekking out to (for example) Guildford wouldn't be good
> for me.

Agreed that Guildford wouldn't be everyone's ideal location, but I was
thinking more of the "in town" vs "out of town" location.  You can get 
a much larger, much nicer office building somewhere in the green belt 
than in central London, for the same kind of money (not that I've looked, 
though).  OK, that tends to assume that more people travel to work by car 
rather than train, or live in the surrounding area.

So come to sunny Guildford and have fantastic sex with my beautiful wife!

(No, I *am* joking, really)


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