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> I don't see why you can't have a mix - it would be good to have a core
> group of people who always (nearl) work in the office so that if you
> usually work from home but need some face 2 face there will be people
> there (or in a pub nearby). things like IRC and email provide good
> communication about what is going on and can be used to acounce when and
> where people are.

thats true enough .. although it doesn't fit in with the XP model that
well .. but there is always MOTWTDI  ..  the basic problem is that
'office' workers see 'home' workers as a bunch of idle slackers who only
pretend to work from home and really spend the day gardening, and 'home'
workers see 'office' workers as bunch of people who;d rather spend the day
arseing about and chatting than actually doing something .. 

Break down those totally incorrect stereotypes and you're on the way to a
flexible poicy that allows you to retain the very best staff in
conditions they enjoy. Shurely one of the driving decisions behind
setting up a mutual business is not just financial success but also good
working conditions and more freedom. I gladly trade lower income for
better working conditions any day (to a point anyway). My basic break
even is at about 30K a year .. once I get to that poijt I start taking
holidays. Money is great, but chilling out by the pool is better and
skiing is better still [speaking of which its Chamonix again in 2 weeks]

just my $1 / (2500^0.5)

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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