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> > Y'all might find this excellent piece interesting,
> > 
> > http://joel.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$287
> Pretty darn interesting. Fogcreek sounds like a pretty cool place to
> work. I'd suggest that if we were thinking of doing something similar
> we'd need to build a product, or concentrate on a product or something
> like that. Do a MySQL or an AxKit, and get a couple of companies
> interested right from the start or there's no point. Hmmm.

Another link is 


They seem to be a very good model for a consultancy business 

-- they've been successfully and profitably building ecommerce sites for
several years 

-- they grow by "budding" new (semi-autonomous) organisations

-- interesting structure: almost no chiefs, with several well defined
types of workers and well defined development paths.

-- interesting recruitment method: go on a 2week training course (boot
camp) to learn how to use their OSS ArsDigita Community System for free,
but they "reserve the right to offer you a job at the end of it".  If you
are offered a job and refuse, you get (I think) us$1000 and of course
you can still go away and use their software to build your own sites.

The only disadvantages I see from a London.pm PoV is their chosen 
platform:  AOLServer,TCL,Oracle,HPUX  :-}

On of the AD founders Phil Greenspun has a v.entertaining book

         "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing."

Online at:      http://www.arsdigita.com/books/panda/
Also available on glossy photo paper,  which gives some background to
the creation of ArsDigita.  You should probably not read it if you are
irritated by criticism of one-or-more-of NT, Informix/Illustra, PCs,
academics, German women (that may be his travel writing), MS, ... actually
even his chosen environment doesn't get off free.

Chris Benson

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