Mark Fowler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Roger claimed that:
> > This XP approach seems to require a lot more firmness
> > in customer relations than I've ever seen - and if that firmness were
> > present, we wouldn't need XP anyway...
> One of the main problems with full disclosure with the client is that it
> can only ever work when you've only got one client.  In my job you tend to
> be working on more than one project at any given time;  I certainly don't
> think I'd like to be the one to tell the client 'sorry this is late, but
> there was this unexpected problem with some work we were doing for another
> client and it took up all our time'.

This is a good point. Eventually I'd like to see 'client teams' built
on a project by project basis, but this definitely needs a good deal
of thought.


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