Title: RE: Dream weaver

>>> >>I would actually be interested to hear from someone on the
>>> >>Dreamweaver side of this argument...
>>> >>
>>> >>Anyone?
>>> >>
>>> >>Michael
>>> I'd love to but the last time I spoke about Dreamweaver with Dave
>>> Cross around it turned into a LOOONG lunchtime.
>>How about if I promise to shut up?
>>[who will just snigger quietly in the corner]
>>p.s. Mark, have you seen the new article on perl.com yet? Ring any

TT2? Never used it and don't know anyone who has :-)

Further to Dreamweaver, I'd almost like to go against what I've said to
others and say that actually templates in Dreamwaver are a complete pain
as they restrict things which you haven't set as template regions such as
table width and can be tricky for experienced used nevermind, er, gumbies
(apologies to any gumbies reading).

Where Dreamweaver succeeds is the ability to create HTML objects such as
a menubar which you then drop into each page you wish to use the menubar on.

I really haven't convinced anyone have I? :-)


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