Michael Stevens [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>I personally would have just as little faith in Solaris run by someone
*>who didn't know what they were doing as I would in Redhat run by
*>someone who didn't know what they were doing.

I would have more faith in Solaris. On an acadmeic network, no firewalls,
we had user workstations that pretty much lived on their own and at the
mercy of their users. One day, one of the AI profs installed RedHat after
most of us had left the computing dept...we heard that someone hacked into
said linux box and sniffed the entire dept. passwords. 

perhaps Linux gives people a sense of adventure or something, but Solaris
in the last few years has become quite good at running well in spite of
the chimps at the keyboard. 

*>How about a decently built rack mount PC running Debian[1], by
*>someone who actually knows how to setup that particular OS decently,
*>as compared with a Sun box running Solaris setup by someone good
*>with solaris?

I have a farm of suns, if you want to make a benchmark, I'll be very
interested to run and compare the results.


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